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Our Lady of Lourde Catholic Church


Traditionally, the so called “Catholic vote” moved in the direction of the political party that had an anti-abortion ring. Many Catholics of good faith and integrity see that issue as fundamental, as the corner stone of their position in the political arena. There is also a growing number of honest, truth-seeking, God-fearing Catholics who witnessing the situation this country is, the kind of actions or mis-actions this society is in due to the leadership from on top, ponder if the lone abortion issue is the only issue or they are to consider other aspects from the social thread.

To be absolutely clear, with the 7 Principles in Catholic Social Teaching (Life and Dignity of the Human Person. Solidarity. Care for God's creation. Call to Family. Community and Participation. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. Rights and Responsibilities. Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers) neither political party encompasses the whole Catholic Theology! At the same time, we are, as Catholics, to be directly involved in politics for the betterment of the Common Good. And, of course, “being involved in politics” is much more than casting a vote every four years…

The following, may be of help.

Luis Gerardo, Capuchin.